Recent Articles

Building a To-Do App with Vue & Vuex

Everyone has to start somewhere. Here I'll go through a complete step-by-step guide to writing a simple To-Do app with Vue & Vuex

Suddenly Off Balance

How I went from feeling totally normal to literally being off-kilter, and back again. And a life lesson in here somewhere.

New Site with Vue & Gridsome

Registering the domain was just the first step. Finding a stack where I could learn while I build my new web site was the next. I found it and I was not disappointed in any of it.

macOS Quirks: Bluetooth Device Battery Low

For some reason, macOS has a very low threshold set for bluetooth batteries. After looking for a setting to change this, I coded up a workaround instead.

Learning: Riding Mower Repair

After searching for a cheap riding mower, we found a bargain: Free. Of course that brings with it its own adventure. Time to add another trade to my belt of things I needed to know.

ASP.Net: Finding a Control within a UserControl

.Net Controls can be a hierarchical mess sometimes, especially when you have MasterPages involved.